Do you believe in Angels?

Would you like to develop your own psychic gifts?

Do you wonder what your Life Purpose is?
In addition to being a licensed psychotherapist, Evie is an ordained spiritualist minister, professional psychic & medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner.  She is a gifted intuitive who is clairvoyant, clairaudient & clairascentient (see, hears, feels).

In your consultation, Evie creates Sacred Space to access clear messages from your Higher Self and your Guidance Team (the angels, ascended masters, spirit guides and ancestors assigned to help you in this lifetime).  She receives loving, specific, practical information for any area of your life you want guidance on, from life purpose, to relationships, to business decisions.

Evie is available for intuitive consultations in-person in her Southern California Office. She is also available by telephone for US and International clients.

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