Do you have fears, phobias, trauma memories that nothing seems to help?

Does lack of confidence hold you back no matter how positive your affirmations are?

Would you like to release limiting beliefs, and patterns of behavior that keep you stuck going around the same old mountain?
Energy Psychology is a major new field of psychology using break through energetic techniques such as EFT, EMDR and Matrix Energetics. Science (Quantum Physics) and Spirituality (Metaphysics) are beginning to agree that all "negative" emotions are a disruption in the Body's energy system. Energy Psychology Techniques allows a rebalancing of the Bodies energy system. This allows the releasing of old emotional patterns and creates more supportive ones.
  • The EFT process is simple; holding a "problem" in mind and feeling the feelings associated with it, you tap with your fingers on very specific Acupressure (Meridian) points. The rebalancing of the meridians allows a very gentle, rapid release of emotional upsets. Life-long phobias, trauma patterns and compulsive behaviors can also be eliminated. The results are rapid and long-lasting. EFT is effective 90% of the time.
  • EMDR uses a series of rapid eye-movements instead of tapping and positively alters the way negative intense emotional experiences are "held" in memory. As a result clients are not re-traumatized over & over again by the memories and can go forward in their lives.
  • MATRIX ENERGETICS is a powerful body of work where by "accessing" Quantum levels of consciousness, old energy patterns collapse and new ones emerge. Because on a quantum level there is only light and information directed by consciousness, our clear intention can create lasting change.
All of the energy psychology techniques are gentle, safe and effective and can be taught to clients for continued self-healing.